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Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey is a blend of Malt and grain whiskeys, predominantly aged in Bourbon casks. It has set the standard for Irish Blended whiskey and is one of the most drinkable whiskeys in Ireland.

Bushmills Original is a fine example of an entry level Irish whiskey. A blend of grain and malt whiskeys predominately matured in bourbon barrels with a dash of whiskey matured in sherry cask to spice it up a little.

Price: €29.99 Inc VAT
Powers Gold Label Powers Gold Label

Powers Gold label is one of the best selling blended whiskies in Ireland. Of all the the Irish blended whiskies, Powers contains the highest proportion of single pot still whiskey, approximately 70%. This high content of single pot still whiskey gives Powers Gold Label a beautiful balance of spice, sweetness and creamy smoothness.

Price: €30.00 Inc VAT
Tullamore D.E.W Original Blended Tullamore Dew Original

Tullamore D.E.W Original Blended Irish Whiskey, it is one of the few surviving original old Irish Whiskey labels. This whiskey is made up of pot still, malt and grain whiskeys. It is a triple distilled triple blended whiskey.

On the nose Tullamore D.E.W Original is light and citrus combined with vanilla and green apple undertones. The taste is light bodied with sweet spices which are buttery and rounded. It has a warm toasted wood flavour with hints of vanilla. The finish of Tullamore D.E.W. Original is smooth and gentle, with a finish of toasted wood that lasts to the final drop.

Price: €30.00 Inc VAT
HaPenny Blended Irish Whiskey HaPenny Blended Irish Whiskey

Price: €34.99 Inc VAT
The Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey Teeling Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey

The Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey, is a blend of grain and malt whiskeys, matured in ex-bourbon barrels and finished off in ex-rum barrels from the Caribbean. It is non-chill filtered and comes in at 46% ABV.

On the nose the Teeling Small Batch, has plenty of dried fruit smell coming from the influence of the grain whiskey. The taste is warm with a consent spice that lasts. On the back of the throat there is a slight gingerbread man taste. The high alcohol is not able to be directed as all in all the whiskey is well balanced.

Price: €39.00 Inc VAT
Lambay Irish Whiskey Lambay Blended Irish Whiskey

This Small batch release is the first from Lambay whiskey. It contains a blend of triple distilled malt and grain finished in french oak cognac casks. After maturation water from the Lambay island trinity well is added to harmonise the spirt at 40%. Floral aromas balanced with citrus and spice can be found on the nose while the palate brings a gentle maltiness with almonds and a slight sweetness.

Price: €45.02 Inc VAT
Sale Price: €40.01 Inc VAT
Savings: €5.01
BUA Irish Whiskey Small Batch BUA Irish Whiskey Small Batch

Triple distilled and then matured across 5 distinctive barrels, this blended whiskey truly lives up to it's gaelic name - A Victory.
Blend of malt and grain whiskeys its spent time combination of bourbon, freshly charred, tawny port, white muscatel and sherry barrels.
40% ABV, no chill filtered, no added colouring, no added flavouring...
Every bottle is individually numbered from Batch 1.....

Price: €43.00 Inc VAT
Fercullen Premium Blended Whiskey Fercullen Premium Blended Whiskey

Fercullen Premium Brend is a carefully selected combination of aged malt and grain whiskeys, aged in seasoned oak casks for a depth of flavour that denotes a toasted oak and malt background.

Honey and almonds on the nose lead wonderfully into a combination of caramel and malt on the palate, with a long vanilla finish. A delight for the senses.

Price: €44.00 Inc VAT
D.W.D. Heritage Edition Irish Whiskey D.W.D. Heritage Edition Irish Whiskey

DWD Heritage edition is a blended Irish Whiskey which has brought the old Dublin Whiskey Distillery(D.W.D) brand back to life in Dublin once more.

The whiskey itself is well balanced with soft citrus fruits turning slightly richer as time is spent. There is an essence of the malt whiskey used but this is refined by the sweet grain element making it an easy-going yet flavoursome whiskey. Sure to be one of the most popular Irish blended whiskeys in the future.

Price: €50.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: €44.99 Inc VAT
Savings: €5.01
Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey

Silkie Blended Irish Whiskey, is a blended Irish Whiskey produced by a company from Donegal called Sliabh Liag.The whiskey itself got its name from the legendary shape-shifters known as the Silkies.
There is a fresh malty nose to it that entices you into the whiskey. The palate has some orchard notes, apple and oranges. There is also a hint of honey and ginger.

Price: €44.99 Inc VAT
Ha'Penny Blended Whiskey Ha'Penny Four Cask Irish Whiskey

The Ha'Penny Whiskey, named after a famous bridge in Dublin, is a blend of two types of whiskey, drawn from four different casks: a Port Pipe finished malt, First fill Bourbon barrel malt, Sherry Butt grain and a double-charred barrel grain. all these types of cask combined together to create a rich and spicy whiskey: malt finished in port pipes, malt matured in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels, grain matured in sherry butts and grain matured in 'double-charred barrels'.

Price: €50.00 Inc VAT
Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old is a Triple-Distilled, Triple Blended Irish Whiskey. It is one of the best core range Blends on the Irish Market, and combines the best aspects of Malt, Pot Still, and Grain whiskeys to create a complex diverse blend.

The marriage of all three styles of whiskeys ranging from 12 to 15 years old matured in a selection of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.The nose has elements of rich fruits, malt spice, a distinct nuttiness, and rich fruit cake. The palate follows suit with rich fruits, and nuttiness, clear influences of the sherry casks with a lingering milk chocolate finish.

Price: €53.00 Inc VAT
Teeling Galway Bay BarleyWine Cask Teeling Galway Bay BarleyWine Cask

Teeling's Small Batch Collaboration series, put together with Galway Bay Brewery and limited to 12,000 bottles. The Teeling Galway Bay Barley Wine Cask is the second release of the Small Batch Collaboration series. This time, the Teeling Small Batch has been left to mature in Galway Bay barley wine barrels for three months. which resulted in an interesting combination of creamed barley with lots of cherry, apple & rum raisin notes!

Price: €54.99 Inc VAT
Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Clonakilty Single Batch Double Oak Finish

A premium product matured in ex-bourbon casks, it is finished in virgin American Oak; and shaved, toasted and re-charred ex-rd wine European oak casks (NEOC, New Era of Cask). This makes it the world's first Irish Whiskey to be finished in a NEOC cask. NEOC are ex-red wine barrels from the Bordeaux region of France.

Price: €54.99 Inc VAT
Pearse 'Founders Choice' 12yr Single Malt Pearse 'Founders Choice' 12yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Pearse 'Founders Choice' 12yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey, is a 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey produced by the newly opened Pearse Lyons Distillery located in Dublin City Centre.

The nose of the Pearse 'Founders Choice' 12yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey, is that of orchard fruits aromas, such as white peach, apple and spiced fruit. The palate has orange and honeysuckle flavours. There are also some herbal and pine nut flavours. The finish is silky smooth with flavours of ginger and clove.

Price: €61.99 Inc VAT
Sale Price: €57.00 Inc VAT
Savings: €4.99
Clonakilty Port Cask Clonakilty Port Cask Finish

Blended whiskey finished in Port cask barrels imported from the Douro Valley in Portugal. Lovely sweetness with spicy notes and a beautiful rich colour.

Price: €57.00 Inc VAT
The Liberator Irish Whiskey The Liberator Irish Whiskey

The Liberator Irish Whiskey – Malt in Tawny Port Finish. Inaugural Release of 700 numbered bottles which Wayward Irish Spirits, a Co Kerry-based company that has recently established The Liberator brand
The company is in the process of establishing a “grain to glass” distillery and small visitor center at the Lakeview Estate outside Killarney. The 100 acre estate was built in 1869 by Maurice’s great, great, great, grandfather, James O’Connell, a younger brother of Daniel O’Connell.
Wayward last year began growing its own barley on the estate for its whiskeys and expects to start-distilling on-site by 2024 with plans to employ about 15 people by this time. It has sourced mature malt whiskeys to finish and blend at the estate from sources that include John Teeling's Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk, and Bushmills in Co Antrim.

Price: €64.99 Inc VAT
Grace O'Malley Irish Whiskey Limited Edition Grace O'Malley Limited 2nd Edition Rum Finish

The 2nd edition from Grace of Malley. A 5-year-old blend of grain and malt left in ex-bourbon oak casks. Brought down from original cask strength to 42% alcohol volume using rock-filtered water from County Mayo. A toasted oak whiskey with an added tropical fruit finish.
This is a limited edition of 1080 bottles.

Price: €77.00 Inc VAT
Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2019 Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release 2019

The 36th edition in the renowned and highly collectable range from Midleton Very Rare, has been officially unveiled. This latest Very Rare, Vintage Release is a masterfully blended Irish Whiskey from distillates laid down at Midleton Distillery, Co Cork, over the past four decades. Crafted by Master Distiller Brian Nation, Midleton Very Rare 2019 combines only hand-selected Single Pot Still and Single Grain Irish Whiskeys of exceptional quality and rarity within the Midleton Distillery, with each whiskey having been matured exclusively in lightly-charred ex-bourbon American Oak Barrels for between 13 and 34 years. This marks some of the oldest whiskey every used in a Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release.

Price: €180.00 Inc VAT
Jameson 18 Year Old 2018 Release Jameson 18 Year Old 2018 Release

The Jameson 18 sees the marriage of three signature triple distilled distillates, matured for near two decades in both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks before a final finish in new first fill ex-bourbon barrels for a final gracing of flavour. Each bottle arrives in a beautiful wooden presentation box.

This special maturation gives the whiskey tones of spiced fudge, thick caramel, beautiful marzipan and nuttiness before a soft melted toffee finish.

Price: €200.00 Inc VAT
Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Old Cask Strength Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Old Cask Strength

Jameson Bow Street 18 Years Cask Strength is a blend of pot still and grain Irish whiskeys, and for the first time in the history of Jameson, this is bottled at cask strength (55,3% ABV).

It was matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks at the Midleton distillery, then married in first-fill bourbon barrels for one year, resting at the Bow Street Distillery (where they have a tiny storage facility of just 84 casks…).

Price: €250.00 Inc VAT