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L Mulligan Grocer 9 year old Single Malt L Mulligan Grocer 9 year old Single Malt

A Single bourbon cask exclusively selected for L. Mulligan Grocer, Stoneybatter, Dublin 7. Limited to 300 bottles only.

Our Price: €64.99 Inc VAT
Powers LVA Release Powers LVA Release

Our Price: €100.00 Inc VAT
Bushmills 21 year old Single Malt Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt

Bushmills 21 year old Single Malt, the oldest expression in the Bushmills Distillery's core range. A fantastic combination of cask influence and spirit influence. The whiskey is matured separately in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks for 19 years. At this stage, 27 Madeira casks are filled, each year, with approx 50:50 of each whisky and matured for a further 2 years.

The nose of this whiskey is a complex mix of spicy aromatic maltiness, interweaved with dried fruits and roasted nuts. The palate is quite voluptuous, with candied orange peel, raisins, a soft nuttiness, and tropical mango fruit. The finish has a touch of milk chocolate, and liquorice spice. An exceptional whiskey, from an exceptional distillery.

Our Price: €174.99 Inc VAT
Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey Redbreast 21 Year Old

Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey, is a pot still whiskey in the Redbreast range. This whiskey has some been matured in some similar casks to the 12 and 15 year old Redbreast but also has some refill casks.

On the nose the Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey, has amazingly some tropical fruit aromas along the the usually pot still spice and nuttiness. On the palate there is a slight vanilla flavour along side some wonderful fresh fruit notes. The over all mouth fell is creamy and buttery with a finish of spice and leafy notes.

Our Price: €195.00 Inc VAT
Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, was a whiskey that was brought out to commemorate the life work of the former Midleton Master Distiller, who retired in 2013 after 47 years at the distillery. The whiskey itself is a Pot Still in which Barry himself helped to formulate, which has become highly regarded as one of the best in the range. It is a non-age statement whiskey but it thought to be up to 25 years old, matured in 1st fill bourbon with a small amount being matured in virgin Irish oak barrels.

On the nose, Midleton Barry Crockett Single Pot Still has aromas of freshly baked bread just out of the oven, with hints of toffee and caramel. On the palate it is layered with complex flavours that work together to form this beautiful whiskey. On the front of the mouth citrus fruits and all spice are the domination flavours, as the whiskey moves along your mouth it brings with it different flavours, such as coco,honey, marshmallow and fruit peel. The finish is that of leather and tobacco. A must have whiskey.

Our Price: €250.00 Inc VAT
Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve Kilbeggan Distillery Reserve

"The Malt"

Our Price: €250.00 Inc VAT
Midleton Very Rare 1985 Midleton Very Rare 1985

The Midleton Very Rare 1985, is a bottling brought out by the Midleton Distillery in Co.Cork. The 'Very Rare' range was launched in 1984 and the distillery has brought out a new vintage whiskey every year since then. Barry Crockett started off the 'Very Rare' range while he was the Master Distillery of Midleton Distillery, in 2013 Barry Crockett retired and Brian Nation took over the role. From 2014 on Brian Nation has been creating the 'Very Rare' range, maintaining its very high standard. An extremely hard to come by Midelton in near to perfect condition.

Our Price: €1,500.00 Inc VAT
Coleraine 34 year old Irish Single Malt Coleraine 34 year old Irish Single Malt

Coleraine 34 year old is a very rare Irish Single Malt produced from the closed Coleraine Distillery. The distillery itself was converted from a manorial mill and started producing malt whisky in 1825. The distillery ceased production in 1964 and was completely shut down in 1972. This whisky was distilled in 1959 and matured for 34 years and bottled in 1993 from a single cask at cask strength. A limited edition of only 400 bottles.

The Coleraine 34 year old is a must have for any serious Irish Whiskey Collector. The bottle is a true treasure of Irish Whiskey and a real gem to have on the shelve.

Our Price: €4,000.00 Inc VAT
Midleton 1973 Private Collection Midleton 1973 Private Collection

Midleton 1973 Private Collection, is a vintage bottling from the Midleton Distillery in Cork. It is a Pot Still Whiskey which was laid down in 1973 and bottled in 2003 which makes it a 30 year old Irish Whiskey. With only 400 bottles being produced it is a limited edition and a must have for any whiskey collector. It is a non-chill filtered whiskey which has the ABV of 56% and 112 proof.

Our Price: €4,000.01 Inc VAT
Midleton 1969 30 Year Old Irish Whiskey Midleton 1969 30 Year Old Irish Whiskey

One of the rarest and greatest Irish whiskies, the Midleton 30 Year Old is a special bottling; the whiskey was first laid down in 1969 with only two surviving casks and 400 bottles filled. A single pot still from the old Midleton distillery, matured in ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks, this bottling is sure to be a center piece of any whiskey collection. The bottle is hand signed by distiller William Maxwell Crockett, and is bottle number 006.

Tasting notes provided by Barry Walsh, Ex IDL Chief Blender

'...there is a full bodied assault on the palate by clean, crisp, spicy, leathery, even fruit pot still notes - robust yes, but not overly so. One of the hall mark characteristics of great age in a whiskey is clearly evident - a pleasing dryish, gentle woodiness...'

Our Price: €4,500.00 Inc VAT
Jameson Pre Prohibition John Jameson & Son Pre Prohibition 5 Star Pot Still Whiskey

Jameson Pre Prohibition, is a Jameson Pure Old Pot Still produced by the Old Jameson Distillery in Bow Street, Dublin. The bottle dates back to 1915, a pre Prohibition Whiskey that has made its way back onto the Irish Market. This is a definite for any Irish Whiskey Collector.

Our Price: €7,500.00 Inc VAT
Club Liqueur Whisky pre 1900's Club Liqueur Whisky pre 1900's

Club Liqueur Whisky pre 1900's, extremely collectible.

Our Price: €10,000.00 Inc VAT