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Dingle Pot Still Batch 3 Dingle Pot Still Batch 3

The third in its series of Dingle Single Pot Still Whiskey releases. It is the seventh small release whiskey to emerge from the Distillery since it opened in 2012 as the first independent, family owned distillery to open in Ireland in over a century. It is also the first release overseen by newly appointed Master Distiller Graham Coull (previously of Glen Moray), who commenced his role at the distillery in October. Only 3,500 bottles have been produced, of these, 2,900 are available in Ireland, the rest worldwide. The whiskey was stored in bourbon barrels. He then received a finish in Port Casks.  46.5%

Price: €94.99 Inc VAT
Highland Park Single Cask L Mulligan Release Highland Park Single Cask L Mulligan Release

Our single cask Highland Park 12 years old, 320 bottles 63.7% abv. First fill European oak.

Price: €130.00 Inc VAT
Sale Price: €110.00 Inc VAT
Savings: €20.00
Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey Redbreast 21 Year Old

Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey, is a pot still whiskey in the Redbreast range. This whiskey has some been matured in some similar casks to the 12 and 15 year old Redbreast but also has some refill casks.

On the nose the Redbreast 21 Year Old Irish Whiskey, has amazingly some tropical fruit aromas along the the usually pot still spice and nuttiness. On the palate there is a slight vanilla flavour along side some wonderful fresh fruit notes. The over all mouth fell is creamy and buttery with a finish of spice and leafy notes.

Price: €195.00 Inc VAT
Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, was a whiskey that was brought out to commemorate the life work of the former Midleton Master Distiller, who retired in 2013 after 47 years at the distillery. The whiskey itself is a Pot Still in which Barry himself helped to formulate, which has become highly regarded as one of the best in the range. It is a non-age statement whiskey but it thought to be up to 25 years old, matured in 1st fill bourbon with a small amount being matured in virgin Irish oak barrels.
On the nose, Midleton Barry Crockett Single Pot Still has aromas of freshly baked bread just out of the oven, with hints of toffee and caramel. On the palate it is layered with complex flavours that work together to form this beautiful whiskey. On the front of the mouth citrus fruits and all spice are the domination flavours, as the whiskey moves along your mouth it brings with it different flavours, such as coco,honey, marshmallow and fruit peel. The finish is that of leather and tobacco. A must have whiskey.

Price: €250.00 Inc VAT
Dingle Whiskey Palace Bar Dingle Palace Bar Edition Whiskey

The founding father's edition for the The Palace Bar, Fleet Street, Dublin. An extremely limited release.

Price: €350.00 Inc VAT
Remy Martin Louis XIII Remy Martin Louis XIII

This Cognac is made from a unique blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie from grapes grown in the exceptional terroir of Cognac Grande Champagne. The specially selected eaux-de-vie are aged slowly in century old Limousin oak casks called tierçons before being expertly blended to create this signature blend of cognac. Containing aged eaux-de-vie, each one carefully watched over by generations of Cellar Master, every drop of LOUIS XIII cognac represents decades of craftsmanship and know-how, resulting in a unique taste of time.

Price: €3,000.02 Inc VAT
Coleraine 34 year old Irish Single Malt Coleraine 34 year old Irish Single Malt

Coleraine 34 year old is a very rare Irish Single Malt produced from the closed Coleraine Distillery. The distillery itself was converted from a manorial mill and started producing malt whisky in 1825. The distillery ceased production in 1964 and was completely shut down in 1972. This whisky was distilled in 1959 and matured for 34 years and bottled in 1993 from a single cask at cask strength. A limited edition of only 400 bottles.

The Coleraine 34 year old is a must have for any serious Irish Whiskey Collector. The bottle is a true treasure of Irish Whiskey and a real gem to have on the shelve.

Price: €4,000.00 Inc VAT
Jameson Pre Prohibition John Jameson & Son Pre Prohibition 5 Star Pot Still Whiskey

Jameson Pre Prohibition, is a Jameson Pure Old Pot Still produced by the Old Jameson Distillery in Bow Street, Dublin. The bottle dates back to 1915, a pre Prohibition Whiskey that has made its way back onto the Irish Market. This is a definite for any Irish Whiskey Collector.

Price: €7,500.00 Inc VAT
McKibbin Club Liqueur Whisky McKibbin Club Liqueur Whisky pre 1900's

John McKibbin Club & Son Ltd., Belfast, Established in 1871. Club Liqueur Whisky "Not a Headache in a Hogshead"
This whisky was blended and bottled by John McKibbin and Son of Belfast. The company was founded in 1871, and started blending their own whisky (note the lack of an 'e') in a similar fashion to say Johnnie Walker. They had a fantastic slogan that might not sneak by trading standards today, "Not a Headache in a Hogshead".
Due to the rise of Scotch blended whisky, which was quickly surpassing Irish as the world's favourite thanks to the use of patent continuous stills, four leading Dublin distillers published Truths about Whisky in 1879. In the aftermath of the publication Irish whisky has an 'e' added to distinguish it from Scotch, this was followed in a very piecemeal fashion. Club Liqueur Whisky pre 1900's, extremely collectible

Price: €10,000.00 Inc VAT