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Whiskey and Cheese Whiskey and Cheese

Food writer John McKenna says that the art of cheese making is 'genius allied to geography'. The same could be said for whiskey. Along with the environment it takes great skill, care and passion to create these indigenous Irish products. In Ireland we have great whiskey, and gorgeous farmhouse cheeses. Our lovely mild climate contributes to the perfect environment for the maturation of whiskey and the production of cracking dairy. This tasting celebrates the matching of the two. In this first of our monthly food and whiskey events, we introduce you to the concept of food and whiskey pairing while tasting specially selected Irish whiskeys, expertly paired with Irish farmhouse cheeses. We like to think of cheese and whiskey as a little bit of magic. Each encapsulate a moment in time, a season, a period of maturation. Together on the palate they reveal in each other new flavours and aromas. Bring a hunger, a thirst and an open mind!

Join us on Friday 31st August 8 p.m.

L Mulligan Whiskey Shop,
Clarendon Street,
Dublin 2

Our Price: €24.99 Inc VAT