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Grants Cask Editions No.2 Sherry Cask Finish Grants Cask Editions No.2 Sherry Cask Finish

Grants Cask Edition No.2 Sherry Cask Finish is a blended whisky produced by William Grants and Sons. This whisky was in 2001 became the first blended Scotch Whisky to be finished in a Sherry Cask. The whisky was left in Oloroso Sherry casks for four months to impart some dried fruit and warm spice flavours.

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Compass Box Orangerie Infused Scotch Whisky Compass Box Orangerie Infused Scotch Whisky

Compass Box Orangerie, is an infused Scotch Whisky from the independent bottlers Compass Box. Orangerie is something unquie and wonderfully different. It is made from a smooth, sweet Scotch whisky which has been infused with the hand-zested peel of Navalino oranges and subtle accents of Indonesia cassia bark and Sri Lankan cloves. Orangie was first releasewd in 2009, and since than the flavoured whisky segment has grown exponentially.

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Macallan Amber Macallan Amber Single Malt

Macallan Amber is a Single Malt Scottish Whisky from the Macallan Distillery in Craigellachie, Moray, Scotland. Macallan is one of the three top selling Scottish Whiskies in the world. As a shortage of whisky creeps into most Scottish distilleries, Macallan has invested in a new range called the 1834 series. This series is a blend of American and European oaks, both 1st fill casks, therefore a darker colour.

The nose of the Macallan Amber, is rich with fruity aromas of vanilla, plums, dates and red apples. There are also aromas of chocolate and orange zest. The palate offers the same profile, with undertones of cinnamon and baked spices. The flavours of fruit take over your mouth and let the whiskey smooth and easy to drink.

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Clynelish 14 year old single malt Clynelish 14 year old single malt

Clynelish 14 year old Single Malt is a floral and spicy entry to the market from the Clynelish Distillery. The complexity of this Malt whisky is clear from the onset, with floral barley notes and sweetness throughout the palate. It is consistently balanced with a light hint of peat smoke.

This is one of the very best entry level whiskies from any distillery across the Highlands. Replacing the now silent Brora distillery on the same site, it is clear that Clynelish 14 year old Single Malt has confirmed there is a future of great whiskies in the area.

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Glenfiddich 18yr Old Single Malt Glenfiddich 18yr Old Single Malt

Glenfiddich 18yr Old, is a Single Malt from the Glenfissich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. The distillery is owned and produced by William Grant & Sons. Glenfiddich Whiskies serves as king of the non-peated sinlge malts in Scotland. The 18 year old has been matured in Spanish Oloroso and American oak casks.

On the nose the Glenfiddich 18yr Old Single Malt, has notes of light floral aromas, with some malty, grassy aromas mixed in. The palate is that of sweet, warm caramel and cinnamon flavours. There are also hints of dark fruit flavours, such as blackberries and dates. The finish is that of of fruit and slight nuttiness.

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