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Kalak Irish Vodka Kalak Irish Vodka

Kalak Irish Vodka is an Irish Vodka from West Cork. The name Kalak comes from Cailleach, which in the Irish Language is the name of the ancient Irish God of Winter. The spirit is malt barley four times distilled and subsequently carbon filtered. The end result is a vodka of immense purity and smoothness.

The nose of Kalak Irish Vodka is fresh baked bread, vanilla and fresh fruit aromas. The palate has hints of dark chocolate flaovurs with hints of cream and candied fruit. The finish is soft and has a lingering complexity.

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Highbank Organic Apple Irish Vodka Highbank Organic Apple Irish Vodka

Highbank, is Organic Apple Irish Vodka, which comes from Kilkenny in Ireland. The base for all there products is apple cider. It is an excellent basis for cocktails, or even neat on a sunny autumn day.

Our Price: €57.00 Inc VAT