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Tullamore Dew 12 Year Old Tullamore DEW 10 Year Old Single Malt Tullamore DEW Pheonix Blended
Tullamore DEW 10 Year Old Single Malt
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Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old is a Triple-Distilled, Triple Blended Irish Whiskey. It is one of the best core range Blends on the Irish Market, and combines the best aspects of Malt, Pot Still, and Grain whiskeys to create a complex diverse blend.

The marriage of all three styles of whiskeys ranging from 12 to 15 years old matured in a selection of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.The nose has elements of rich fruits, malt spice, a distinct nuttiness, and rich fruit cake. The palate follows suit with rich fruits, and nuttiness, clear influences of the sherry casks with a lingering milk chocolate finish.
Tullamore DEW 10 Year Old Single Malt, is a Double-Distilled SIngle Malt which has undergone a Four Cask Finish. Initially matured in ex-bourbon casks, it is then finished in a selection of ex-bourbon, Oloroso Sherry, Port, and Madeira barrels. Now discontinued from their core range, as they are sticking to all Triple-Distilled releases from now on.

The nose of this whiskey has clear tropical fruits tones, inter-twined with toasted oak and Malted barley spice. The palate has incredible depth of flavour for a 10 year old. There are notes of tropical fruits, apricot, mango and juicy pineapple, followed by distinct European oak influence, oak spice and vanilla.
Tullamore DEW Pheonix Blended Irish Whiskey, comes from the Tullamore DEW Distillery in County Offaly. This whiskey is a special limited edition, blended with three types of Irish Whiskey; grain, malt and pure pot still whiskey. The main characteristic of the Tullamore DEW Pheonix is pure pot still whiskey finished in old oloroso sherry casks and comes out at 55% ABV.

Tullamore DEW Pheonix Blended Irish Whiskey, has warm spicy notes on the nose with hints of leafy malty tones, which are enriched with a hint of sherry nuttiness. On the palate the higher strength tingles the tongue leaving a spicy pot still flavour. Layers of caramel, delicate sweetness and oak tannins coat the mouth leaving you with warm lingering feeling making you want more.