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Bombay Sapphire Gin Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire Gin, is a English Gin from the Laverstoke Mill Distillery at Loushers Lane, Warrington. The brand was launched in 1987 and the name was part of a competition where several marketing agencies were asked to submit possible names and bottle designs. Bombay Sapphire was chosen, it refers to links between the British Empire and India as gin was an extremely popular spirit during the time of the British Raj.

Bombay Sapphire is in the London Dry Gin style that is double distilled with neutral grain spirit and than botanicals are added during the second distillation. Stong citrus notes can be found on the nose as well as on the palate. There are also some sweetness and strong aromatic flavours. A perfect summer Gin.

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Hendricks Gin Hendricks Gin

Hendricks Gin, is a Gin produced by William Grant & Sons in Girvan, Scotland and launched in 1999. Hendricks uses a blend of spirits produced from a Carter-Head Still of which there are only a small number in the world, and a small pot still, originally built in 1860 by Bennett, Sons & Shears. The Bennett Still produces a heavy, oily spirit with a strong juniper-flavour.

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Six O'Clock Damson Gin Six O'Clock Damson Gin

6 O'Clock Damson Gin, is made by the fantastic Bramley & Gage, in Bristol. Much like their Sloe Gin, they use only hand-picked British Damsons and only a small amount of added suger.

The Damsons are matured in their classic dry gin until the liquid has infused sufficiently to create a wonderful, complex, flavoured gin.

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Star of Bombay Gin Star of Bombay Gin

Star of Bombay Gin, is a variation of Bombay's main product Bombay Sapphire, but has Bergamot orange peel from Calabria and Ambrette seed from Ecuador added in. It is in the style of a London dry gin and is juniper led in taste. It is named after a 182-carat cabochon-cut violet-blue star sapphire from Sri Lanka. The gem was presented to Mary Pickford, the silent film star by her husband, Douglas Fairbanks.

The use of not quite ripe berries being harvested for the gin means that the flavour of the gin is fresh and citrusy. For a garnish I would use raspberries and a spring of mint to bring out the fresh summer flavours. During the winter a slice of orange, flamed is a lovely way to end the day.

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Malfy Con Limone Gin Malfy Con Limone Gin

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Tanueray Export Strength Tanqueray Export Strength

Tanueray Export Strength, is said to be one of the oldest brands of gin on the market today. The recipe for their gin is dated as far back as 1830. The gin business itself has been in the Tanueray family up until 1989 when the great great-grandson of Charles Tanqueray (the founder of Tanqueray).

It thought that there are only four botanicals used in Tanueray Export Strength, juniper, coriander seed, anglica root and liquorice. It is a gin that is popular around the world, its both creamy and botanical, a great mix for a gin.

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Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice Gin Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice Gin

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin was created by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, and is a tribute to the powers of the Midsummer Solstice, when botanicals are believed to be at their most powerful.

Much like the midsummer blooms Lesley sought to capture in the liquid, and delivers the fragrant delight of a midsummer day. The aromatic notes of the gin include zesty juniper along with hidden undertones of orange blossom and exotic ripeness.

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin can only be produced in small batches and will therefore be available for a limited time only,

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Siegfried Gin Siegfried Rhinland Dry Gin

Siegfried Gin, is a German Gin distilled in the Rhine Region. It comprises of 18 botanicals. The linden blooms are the lead botanical in the Siegfried Gin, the story behind the name is that a leaf of a Linden Tree fell on Siegfried's back, while enjoying his bath in the blood of a dragon. Do not worry, no dragons where harmed in the making of this gin.

The nose of Siegfried Gin is that of gentle citrus aromas beside hints of mint and thyme, juniper and cardamom. The palate is fresh with a strong lavender flavour that is meet with some spicynotes of ginger.

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Plymouth Navy Strenght Gin Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Plymouth Navy Strenght Gin, is produced in Plymouth, England, in one of the oldest distilleries in England, the black friars Distillery. The gin itself first went to sea in 1793 with the Royal Navy, it was the ultimate gin to have on board. At 57% ABV Plymouth navy strenght gin is botanical and smooth with well-balanced flvours.

On the nose Plymouth Navy Strenght Gin, is intense with bold fresh aromas, strong juniper an coriander aromas with hints of cardamom. The palate is full bodied, as you would think with strenght but at the same time it is smooth. Flavours of juniper and sweetness coat your mouth. The finish is long and rich.

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Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin Ki No Bi Kyoto Dry Gin

Out of Kyoto comes Ki No Bi Gin, a modern take on the classic spirit. Notes of Kumquat and Yuzu are supported by green tea and citrus on first taste. The finish is long and delightfully dry.

Perfect in a Tom Collins or in a Martini.

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