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Tipperary Farmhouse Gin Tipperary Farmhouse Gin

A very citrus forward, sweet and floral gin with juniper notes distilled on the family farm in Co. Tipperary

Price: €34.00 Inc VAT
Gelston's 15 Year Old Rare Reserve Single Malt Gelston's Single Pot Still

Price: €38.62 Inc VAT
An Dulaman gin An Dulaman Gin

An Dulaman Irish Maritime Gin is a first gin distilled in Co. Donegal. Named after well known Irish folklore song (and one of the seaweeds used), An Dulaman captures the uniqueness of the Donegal coast.
An Dulaman is distilled in small batches using five varieties of seaweed along six other botanicals.

Price: €40.00 Inc VAT
BUA Irish Whiskey Small Batch BUA Irish Whiskey Small Batch

Triple distilled and then matured across 5 distinctive barrels, this blended whiskey truly lives up to it's gaelic name - A Victory.
Blend of malt and grain whiskeys its spent time combination of bourbon, freshly charred, tawny port, white muscatel and sherry barrels.
40% ABV, no chill filtered, no added colouring, no added flavouring...
Every bottle is individually numbered from Batch 1.....

Price: €43.00 Inc VAT
Sixling Irish Gin Sixling Irish Gin

Sixling gin, owned by husband and wife Tom & Nicola Grills launched in August 2018. Sixling is Ireland’s first and only cloudberry gin.
Cloudberries were plentiful in Ireland up until the 1800s but are now extremely rare on the island.
They source our cloudberries from Scandinavia to offer consumers an opportunity to rediscover a forgotten flavour of ancient Ireland.
They also use locally sourced Cooley Mountain elderflower with an additional 8 botanicals. This superb combination creates a truly unique fruity floral gin with a smooth herbal finish unlike any other gin on the market today.

Price: €49.00 Inc VAT
Wilde Irish Gin Wilde Irish Gin

This Heather infused gin is named after the famous Irish playwright.
Distilled in small batches in two pot stills this gin is truly extraordinary release.

Price: €53.00 Inc VAT
Writers Tears Double Oak Writers Tears Double Oak

Age in American oak and French oak cognac casks. This is a unique marriage of single pot still and single malt Irish whiskey.

Price: €54.99 Inc VAT
MIcil Heritage Poitin Micil Poitin Heritage Edition 50cl

Heritage Edition is made to a treasured family recipe, recreating a traditional method of poitín-making when malt was kiln-dried using turf fires. The peated barley gives the poitín a rich smoky smoothness with hints of malt, treacle and spice. The malted oats add a trace of vanilla and a soft peaty finish.
Every bottle is carefully hand-crafted in our distillery in Galway, using Connemara bogbean botanical and 100% Irish peated & malted barley and oats.
An incredibly smooth spirit, Micil Heritage Poitín is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but can also be used to liven up a cocktail.
Our recommended Heritage Poitín cocktail serve is a Micil Manhattan.

Price: €55.01 Inc VAT
Teeling Pot Still Teeling Pot Still Whiskey

Crafted using a combination of 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley which has then been triple distilled and aged in ex-Bourbon, ex-Wine and Virgin oak casks. Bottled at 46% with no chill-filtration.

Price: €55.01 Inc VAT
The Currach Wakame The Currach Wakame

Price: €60.00 Inc VAT
The Liberator Irish Whiskey The Liberator Irish Whiskey

The Liberator Irish Whiskey – Malt in Tawny Port Finish. Inaugural Release of 700 numbered bottles which Wayward Irish Spirits, a Co Kerry-based company that has recently established The Liberator brand
The company is in the process of establishing a “grain to glass” distillery and small visitor center at the Lakeview Estate outside Killarney. The 100 acre estate was built in 1869 by Maurice’s great, great, great, grandfather, James O’Connell, a younger brother of Daniel O’Connell.
Wayward last year began growing its own barley on the estate for its whiskeys and expects to start-distilling on-site by 2024 with plans to employ about 15 people by this time. It has sourced mature malt whiskeys to finish and blend at the estate from sources that include John Teeling's Great Northern Distillery in Dundalk, and Bushmills in Co Antrim.

Price: €64.99 Inc VAT
Killowen 6 year old Rum and Raisin Killowen 6 year old Rum and Raisin

Batch 4 of the rum and raisin series bottled in 500 ml bottle at 55% abv.

Price: €65.99 Inc VAT
Tipperary Own Barely Batch 1 Tipperary Own Barely Batch 1

Limited to 2000 bottles, matured in first fill ex Rioja casks and bottled at 50% abv.

Price: €80.00 Inc VAT
Method & Madness Single Pot Still Wild Cherry Wood Method & Madness Single Pot Still Wild Cherry Wood

The latest offering from Method and Madness pairs the subtle maturation of Ex-Bourbon and Sherry barrels with a unique finish of Wild Cherry Wood.

The porosity of Wild Cherry Wood provides a significant interaction between the whiskey and the barrel, resulting in a finish that boasts notes of shredded ginger, coconut and black tea with a fresh, lingering finish.

A truly stunning addition to any collection.

Price: €91.99 Inc VAT
Gelston's 15 Year Old Rare Reserve Single Malt Gelston's 15 Year Old Single Malt

Gelstons Old Irish Whiskey presents it's 15 Year Old Single Malt.

A delightful dram!

Price: €142.31 Inc VAT