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Fonseca Vintage Port 2009 Taylor's Vintage Port 2007 Dow's 1985 Vintage Port
Fonseca Vintage Port 2009
Price: €74.99 Inc VAT
Taylor's Vintage Port 2007
Price: €90.00 Inc VAT
Dow's 1985 Vintage Port
Price: €160.00 Inc VAT
This classic 2009 vintage Fonseca has an aroma that is dominated by an exuberant, hedonistic fruitiness, a powerful redolence of dark dense blackberry and blackcurrant which slowly releases a heady mix of spicy and herbal aromas, seductive notes of coffee and cocoa, hints of prune and wild scents of gumcistus. The thick tannins give the wine a voluptuous density, integrating effortlessly with the sumptuous infusion of blackberry jam, dark chocolate and liquorice that coats the palate. The tannins are also present on the finish which brims with blackberry and blackcurrant flavour. Noted for their elegance and restrained power, Taylor's Vintage Port's longevity and distinctive scented character, are blended from the finest wines of the firm’s own ‘quintas’ or estates. Characteristically stylish and racy, with an aroma of heavy blackcurrant and woodland fruit overlaid with discreet herbal nuances and hints of violet and rose petals. The taste displays the lean, sinewy and tightly knit tannins which are so much a feature of the Taylor style and the vibrant and clearly delineated fruit flavours and which are the hallmark of the 2007 vintage. This great classic Vintage port originates from Portugal and is made with a variety of red grapes. With concentrated, rich and potent wines, this port pairs well with cheeses and is well balanced with sweetness. This Vintage port has a wonderfully round ripeness of texture, with smooth tannins a well-defined, yet mellow core of inky black fruits.